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Writing Services

Writing services now being offered through a sister company, Ways With Words, provide English-language writing services and editing services tailored to business needs. The aim is to help organis­ations improve and streamline documentation and to give a more professional finish to a wide range of corporate documents, including press releases, advertising or publicity material and company announcements.

Business writing services offered by Ways With Words include case studies and white papers, annual reports & corporate presentations, marketing & sales brochures/fliers, product descriptions & specification sheets, in-house training manuals, website content, and corporate blogs to order.

Technical Writing Services cover case studies, management briefings, product reviews, product user guides, web-content editing, white papers and workplace manuals.

For a quotation or for more information on the listed services, please click here

Post-editing services

Post-editing means the human correction of a text that has been translated by a computer program such as, for example, Google Translate. As most users of such programs know, the results can be very variable and are usually far from perfect. Nonetheless, they can often be useful for providing a quick overview of a document, communicating to the reader its basic thrust or enabling the reader to identify certain parts that may be of interest in a longer document. In this way, post-editing, rather than translating everything from scratch, can provide considerable cost savings for translation services clients.

WLS offers two types of post-editing service:

Post-editing of client-produced machine output: this service is useful for a client who may have, for example, machine-produced a document using an online translation service but now finds that all or part of it is not useable or not fully understandable.

Post-editing of WLS-produced machine output: this service is useful for longer documents, where a client may only be interested in certain parts. WLS will machine-translate the full document and organise the layout and formatting of the translated output in the same way as the source document, but will not make any substantive edits to the translated text. The client can then decide which parts, if any, to have fully post-edited so that they are properly comprehensible.

Charges for full post-editing are approximately 50% of normal translation costs while costs for formatted machine-output are roughly 25%. Posting-editing commissions will, however, only be accepted in cases where the machine output is of sufficient quality to ensure that it requires editing /revising and not full translation. See Translation Services page.

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