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Services Offered

We specialise in document translation and offer services at 3 levels:

Automated translation (Basic Service)
Post-edited translation (Professional Service)
Human translation (Premium Service)
 Related Services:
• Proofing • Editing •Revising • Typesetting
Translator Training Courses
English Writing Services, including business & technical writing

   We can write or edit your English copy prior to translation

Languages Translated

We translate to and from English into:
• most European languages
We specialise in

• French • Spanish • Portuguese • Italian

Documents Translated

We translate all kinds of documents of the following type or subject area:
• Financial, Legal and General Business
• Technical, Engineering, Scientific, IT
• Marketing and Advertising
• Social and Environmental studies
• Tourist, Historic and Cultural information

Document Formats

We can accept and deliver documents in:
• most computer formats e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, QuarkXPress
• hard copy (except handwritten text)

Translators and Editors

• All our translators and editors are:
• Mother tongue writers of the target translation or editing language.
• Qualified linguists in their source language, with translating qualifications and/or substantial proven experience


Our prices depend on various factors including
• type of translation service provided
• language combination • document format

For a quotation, please contact us as below

• To email a document as an attachment click here

• Fax your document or sample pages to (+353-1) 6875054

• Telephone us to discuss your needs at (+353-1) 6392984


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