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WLS maintains panels of suitably qualified linguists to work as freelance Translators, Editors, Translation Tutors, TEFL Tutors and Language Tutors. Please see the work descriptions and requirements set out below and click the appropriate link on the left, if you wish to be included on any of the relevant panels.
Please note:
•All applications will receive an automated response.
•Placement on panel and further contact will depend on availability of work and suitability of application.

Translators & Editors

Working from European languages into English and vice versa:

• Mother tongue speakers of target language

• Specific translation qualification into the mother tongue
OR academic qualifications with substantial professional experience

• Computing and Communication facilities

•For editors, at least 3 years relevant experience

Translation Tutors

Correcting work for students taking our translation courses by distance learning, from English into French, German, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese and vice-versa:

• Mother-tongue speakers of any variety of the above languages

• Specific translation qualification e.g. MA in Translation Studies

• Substantial and varied experience in professional translation

• Experience in teaching or training

• Based anywhere in the world.

Language Tutors

Teaching business or general language to company employees in their own premises. Courses are provided in European languages, including English as a foreign language (EFL).

Requirements for registration:

• Mother-tongue speakers of European languages

• Qualified language teachers OR qualified linguists with substantial experience

• Residing in Dublin or surrounding areas

TEFL Tutors

Correcting work for students taking our TEFL courses by distance learning:

• Mother-tongue speakers of English

• University graduates with TEFL qualification

• At least 5 years' experience of EFL teaching.

• Experience in TEFL teacher training

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To apply for inclusion on a freelance panel, please click on the appropriate link below to submit a CV.
• Please ensure the CV has information that reflects the specific requirements for the panel category:
• Please attach work samples, if relevant (e.g. translations, edited material)
• Please note that you may be asked to complete a test

Translators & Editors Panel

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Translation Tutors Panel

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Language Tutors Panel

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TEFL Tutors Panel

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