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WLS offers a professional writing service in the English language embracing corporate, technical and general writing. These writing services are offered in association with a sister company Ways With Words and are available for English only or as part of multilingual translation project.

Services Offered

We cover all types of writing styles including:
♦ Business Writing
♦ Corporate Writing
♦ Technical Writing
♦ Report Writing
♦ Copywriting
♦ Travel & Feature Writing
♦ Web-content Writing & Editing
♦ Proofreading & Sub-editing

Document Types

We deal with all kinds of documents covering a wide range of topics:
♦ Annual Reports & Corporate Presentations
♦ Company newsletters
♦ Marketing & Sales brochures/fliers
♦ Training Manuals; Health & Safety literature
♦ Business, Social and Environmental Reports
♦ Product Descriptions & Specifications
♦ Tourist literature
♦ Websites & Corporate Blogs

Who is it for?

Any organisation that requires professionally written corporate or specialist documentation.

Those who produce, or plan to produce, documents in a number of languages.

There are two advantages to having your original English copy professionally written or edited before translation:

• Your English language corporate documents or promotional material will be given a professional finish and presentation.

• Your English text will be better prepared for translation as it will have been written with this in mind. Or, if necessary, it can be adapted for translation into certain languages without any loss of meaning, as we will have had control of the document creation process from the outset.


Prices depend on several factors including:
• type of document subject matter document format & layout
• Most competitive pricing usually applies to multilingual projects involving English writing and translation

   Please contact us for a quotation, as explained in the column on the right.

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To discuss and obtain a quotation forEnglish writing requirements only please:

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Call Ways With Words to discuss your requirements at (+353-1) 5311024

To discuss your multilingual document requirements and obtain a quotation please:

• Click here to email general details about your project, or submit a sample document or submit document for editing


Call WLS to discuss your requirements at (+353-1) 6392984