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Events: 2017

Events of interest to translators and interpreters

Stuttgart, Germany, 12-14 Jan

Telic 2017 Workshop

Nijmegen, Netherlands, 14 Jan

Abacus: the evolution of speech

Barcelona, Spain, 25 Jan

Asyras 2017: Anglophone studies

Zurich, Switzerland, 26-27 Jan

Diamor 2017: Diachronic morphology

Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, 08-10 Feb

Diamor 2017: Sociophonetic research workshop

Toronto, Canada, 16-17 Feb

2nd Intonation workshop

Paris, France, 23-24 Feb

Syntax and semantics of distributive dependencies

Debrecen, Hungary, 24-25 Feb

Grammar workshop: Pronominal elements

Szklarska Poreba, Poland, 02-06 Mar

Workshop: Roots of pragmasemantics

Munster, Germany, 17-18 Mar

The Germanic Sandwich: linguistic structure

Portland, Oregon, 18-21 March

Applied Linguistics Assoc annual conference

St. Louis, Mo, USA, 20-21 Mar

Translators' and interpreters' conference

Moscow, Russia 29-31 Mar

Formal Approaches to Russian Linguistics

Valencia, Spain, 04 Apr

EACL 2017 Student Research Workshop

Kuwait, 17-20 Apr

Translingualism in literature & translation

Khorasan Razavi, Iran, 26 -27 Apr

Challenges in Foreign Language

Monte Verita, Switzerland, 28 Apr

Boundaries in Empirical Linguistic Data

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 01-07 May

13th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium

Poznan, Poland, 06-07 May

L3Workshop: Language acquisition & use

Helsinki, Finland, 17 May

Formulaic language workshop & seminar

Toronto, Canada, 29-31 May

Translation, Politics and Policies

Hong Kong, 01-03 June

Teaching & Researching Academic & Professional English

Limerick, Ireland, 11-15 June

11th International Symposium on Bilingualism

Budapest, Hungary, 25-27 June

Annual Meeting of Interntl Assoc of Chinese Linguistics

Kyoto, Japan, 01-02 July

Japanese Society for Language Sciences Conference

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 16-21 July

Pragmatics conference: Beyond Verbal Communication

San Antonio, Texas, USA, 31 July-04 Aug

Endangered & Historical Linguistics

London, UK, 09-11 Aug

Phonetics Teaching & Learning Conference

Tampere, Finland, 24-26 Aug

Language & Democracy

Paris, France, 28 Jul-01 Sep

History of The Language Sciences

Varna, Bulgaria, 02-08 Sep

Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing

Baia Mare, Romania, 05-07 Sep

Onomastics: Name & Naming conference

Athens, Greece, 13-15 Sep

Beyond Meaning: Inferential reconstruction

Lublin, Poland, 14-15 Sep

Culture, Cognition & Communication

Leiden, Netherlands, 19-21 Sep

Electronic Lexicography conference

Cologne, Germany, 19-21 Sep

Performance & Representation in Language

Cologne, Germany, 27-29 Sep

3rd Nuba Mountain Languages Conference

Luxembourg, 29-30 Sep

Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts

Yerevan, Armenia, 02-05 Oct

XI International Conference on Armenian Linguistics

Bologna, Italy, 11-14 Oct

International Association for Dialogue Analysis Conference

Cape Town, South Africa, 18-20 Oct

7th Language in the Media Conference

Canberra, Australia, 11-15 December 2017

Association for Linguistic Typology

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